News Case studies

Coca – Cola Middle East chooses FOC filter

We have optimized the production of syrups for Coca-Cola Middle East with customized FOC and FRS filters, ensuring quality and reducing waste.

FOC and FRS filters for Pepsi Guatemala

VLS Technologies provides consulting and technologies for filtration and treatment of food liquids, such as for the Pepsi plant in Guatemala, with FOC and FRS

Shoreline Fruit, only the best machinery for the best tart cherries of the Great Lakes

Perfect juices and concentrates thanks to our rotary drum vacuum filter.

FVO 50 fossil flour filter for ACESUR

For Acesur, one of the five largest oil mills in the world, VLS Technologies recently supplied an FVO50 vertical pressure leaf filter

Vertical pressure leaf filter FVV15 for Valle de San Juan

VLS Technologies has supplied Valle de San Juan with a vertical pressure leaf filter FVV15, for the filtration of brines.

Udaca and Domaine La Ferrandière wineries choose TMF filters

VLS supplied the TMF9A filter to the Portuguese company Udaca and the French Domaine La Ferrandière.

Filtering egg-based solutions for Eurovo Group

VLS has realised a special pressure leaves filter for EUROVO for filtering egg-based solutions.

The project of a new winery in Brazil for Vinicola Serra das Galés

Thanks to the partnership with the local distributor Amazon, VLS is building for Serra Das Gales a complete new winery.

Unico Filter: in Australia with Grapeworks for Blue Pyrenees

The Australian winery has contacted VLS for purchasing an efficient machinery which could both filtering wine and get back product still usable from the lees.

Deoleo choose VLS Technologies’ filter for olive oil

Deoleo, the first Company in the world for bottle olive oil sales, has chosen to depend on VLS Technologies’ filters for olive oil.

The VLS cross-flow filters for the South African market

Botha Kelder have chosen VLS Technologies for the installation of a cross flow filter with Stainless Steel membranes for treating flotation lees and bottoms.

A PSC 80 press for the Portuguese Vinho Verde

VLS Technologies has started a new and important partnership with a prestigious winery of the Vihno Verde area, in the historical Minho region.

Unico filter, one of the “spotlight” products by VLS Technologies, also arrives in Languedoc

Recently VLS Technologies also entered in Languedoc with Unico filter

The VLS Technologies’ membrane filter Unico in Corsica

The UNICO membrane filter is the latest among VLS Technologies products to reach Corsican wineries.

VLS Technologies for the Chinese market

From years VLS Technologies is present on the oenologica Chinese market, a positive trend that we aim to improve in the next years.

Brazil: a pneumatic press PSC for Vinicola Campestre

Several wineries and Companies have introduced our technologies VLS in their productive process, aimed to renew and improve the quality of their products.

Vedovato and Turrini: producers who look to the future with VLS support

VLS Technologies supports Vinicola Vedovato and Cantine Turrini as “unico partner” for filtering technical solutions.

From spirits to chemicals: VLS Technologies filters for the Mexican market

Casa Herradura have set up an important partnership with us choosing our sheet filter SFT for the production of their famous tequila.

The Owl Distillery: belga worldclass whisky of excellence

VLS Technologies widens its presence in the international distillates market and supplies a TLS-2-A lees stop filter to the Belgian Owl Distillery.

A new wine press in Corsica fo a wine cooperative of the AOC region

Thanks to the partnership with Montier Technologies, a new VLS wine press was delivered in Corsica in the AOC area to the winery “Le Cave Saint Antoine”.

Our filter for beer conquer the northern breweries

VLS Technologies seal a couple of new and important collaborations with the brewery Harboe and with Heather Ales.

VLS Technologies’ filters for fruit juices

VLS Technologies has sealed a new partnership with one of the biggest juice producers in India.

Campari Argentina chooses the ATEX-certified press filters by VLS Technologies

Campari Argentina has relied again on VLS Technologies and has purchased a ATEX certified 500x500 LFA filter press with 50 plates.

The VLS Technologies’ vertical system for filtration for Bacardi

We have sealed an important partnership with Bacardi who purchased a VLS system for vertical filtration to produce its famous rums.