Deoleo choose VLS Technologies’ filter for olive oil

Case studies / July 2019

Deoleo, the first Company in the world for bottle olive oil sales, due to the enhancement of their production sites, has chosen to depend on VLS Technologies’ filters for olive oil.

VLS Technologies’ olive oil filters for Deoleo

They have indeed bought a 50 sqm DE filter with vertical screens for olive oil mod. FVO and a 60×60 sheet filter; these two filters will cover all the filtration process of the edible oil signed Deoleo.

The 50 sqm DE filter can perform in each of its versions: standard for wine, special version for beer, sparkling wine (PED certified), viscous products, sugar solutions at high temperature, oil, salt brine, and aggressive products. Thanks to the vertical plates and the dry discharge with vibrator, the FVO DE filter in AISI 304 Stainless Steel can guarantee both a rough filtration and a finishing one to the olive oil.

The 60×60 sheet filter series SFT60x60 will be used by DEOLEO to finishing the olive oil as well thanks to a specific customization of the machine with filtering plates in Polypropylene and seals specific for oil.
DEOLEO in a Spanish Company listed on the stock exchange who have a very wide international presence. The most sold brands for olive oil such as Bertolli, Carbonell, Carapelli, Sasso, Koipe, Sensat, Figaro and Friol are belonging to DEOLEO Group.

Deoleo is a group of companies in the food market listed in the Spanish stock exchange that can boast a wide international presence. Some of the major global olive oil brands as Bertolli, Carbonell, Carapelli, Sasso, Koipe, Sensat, Figaro and Friol are property of Deoleo group. Thanks to the selection and strict control of raw materials, the investments on Research and Development and the implementation of cutting edge technologies as VLS’ filters, Deoleo is the world leader in the olive oil market.

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