Brewing industry

Tapping the perfect jug

Brewing industry

Craft beer and its peculiarities and facets have now conquered consumers, and from the younger sister of wine has acquired the same dignity, ranging from niche products to more drinking glasses.

This is the reason why the world of breweries and microbreweries has experienced important developments in recent years, also at the technological level, that we at VLS also follow with our machinery for beer filtration.

Brewing industry

The beer supply chain is increasingly careful to make production efficient and more respectful of the environment and territory, and we at VLS contribute, with our filters, to maintaining increasingly high quality standards.

Filtrazione birra

Main filters for breweries

Along with the traditional wine sector, VLS is supporting the brewery sector by offering high quality products, especially to small and medium-sized breweries.
Among the most popular VLS products there are fossil flour filters, sheet filters, plates filters and pasteurizers.

Particularly appreciated is the PLUMA filter, an exclusive solution designed and realized by VLS Technologies which combines utmost ease of use with the preservation of the beer’s flavour and structure, a key factor for high-quality beers.

Our filters for Northern European breweries

VLS Technologies seal a couple of new and important collaborations with the brewery Harboe and with Heather Ales, a microbrewery which is part of the Group Williams Bros. Brewing Co.
Both the producers have chosen to depend on VLS technology of beer filtration.

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