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Historically speaking, the oenological sector has always been our target. For that reason, VLS Technologies is able to design and supply the complete solution for the entire line, from vineyard to bottle.

For oenology, VLS is more than just a simple supplier of technologies. We are a partner that is able to provide a tailored solution to its customers.

We know how to propose the best solution for any need in the wine processing: that’s the advising that VLS Technologies is able to provide in the oenological sector.

Our main filters for the oenological sector

In our catalogue we have machinery in stock, ready to be delivered to you, but you can also contact us to tell us about your company and your specific needs: producers are different from each other, and together we will design the best technology conceived specifically for you.


What we can do for you

We have developed complete wineries, from the receiving of grapes to pneumatic presses, from refrigeration to filtration systems for wine, lees and musts, in order to guarantee to the producers the maximum performance in the whole production process.

Today, we are particularly proud to propose our cross flow filtration systems, in order to be able to filter wine, lees and musts without the need to resort to kieselguhr and other filtration adjuvants.


Cantina Montelliana: a successful partnership

Cantina Montelliana is the most important wine-producing cooperative of the Montello and Colli Asolani area. Cantina Montelliana distinguishes itself for the mix between innovation and tradition in all the steps of the producing process, a frequent characteristic of wine-making establishments with a long history. Nowadays Cantina Montelliana uses our continuous floater and an isobaric cross-flow filter with 24 membranes for the filtration of sparkling wines.

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