Shoreline Fruit, only the best machinery for the best tart cherries of the Great Lakes

Case studies / November 2022

Perfect juices and concentrates thanks to our rotary drum vacuum filter.

Perfect juices and concentrates thanks to out rotary drum vacuum filter.
Among the green hills of Northern Michigan, in the Great Lake region, Shoreline Fruit’s orchards extend as far as the eye can see. The place and the climate are ideal to grow one of the zone’s speciality: the Montmorency cherry.

Shoreline Fruit was born during the 60s as a Farming Cooperative; it was founded by two couples of brothers, the Gregory and the Veliquette, who started by renting a few hectares and now they are the biggest cherry producers in North America with more than 2 thousand hectares and nearly eleven million kilos of cherry harvested per year.

From this ruby fruit the Company produces a delicious cherry concentrate and a cherry juice and they resort to us to improve the production thanks to a 15 sqm rotary drum vacuum filter.

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