FVO 50 fossil flour filter for ACESUR

Case studies / May 2021

VLS Technologies has recently supplied to Acesur, one the five biggest oil producer in the world, a vertical screen filter mod. FVO50. Founded in 1840, Acesur is a Spanish company which produces, bottles and sells olive oil and other vegetable oils; they export their product to over 90 countries. Thanks to his expertise in the field and to the attention to quality and the innovation of the productive process, Acesur includes now 8 plants and employ over 600 people.

Acesur has chosen the effective and performing technology of the 50 sqm D.E. filter which can handle both coarse and finishing filtration of the olive oil. The FVO filter had previously been chosen by Deoleo, the number one company in the world for bottled oil sales. Thanks to the technical characteristics and the excellent results of this machine, VLS reaffirms themselves as a technological partner for two among the most important Companies of the oil sector in the world.

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