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cross-flow filtration with TMF-I filters

Cross-flow filtration wins over traditional!

Traditional filtration

  • The product to be filtered meets the porous sector at right angles: solids are retained, the clean product goes through
  • The duration of the filtering cycle depends on the capability of the filter to accumulate solids and aids (D.E. filters and press filters) or to keep the precoat (rotatory drum vacuum filters)
  • Need of filtering aids (diatomaceous earth, perlite…)

Cross-flow filtration

  • The product to be filtered flows parallel to the porous membrane at such a speed which carries the solids in suspension
  • The filtrate permeates through the membrane thanks to the delta of pressure between the two sides of the membrane
  • No need of filtering aids

Cross-flow filters features

VLS TMF filters are particularly efficient

  • Modularity: from 12 to 84 membranes (from 10 to 840m2 of filtering surface)
  • Low energy consumption (0,045 kW/m2)
  • Asymmetrical structure of the membranes: low pressure drops, uniform filtration, low stress for the product, high flow rate, easy cleaning of the pores, they can be washed up to 90°C/194°F
  • PRS (Pressure Release System): the machine doesn’t need filtered wine for back flushing, it is not necessary to reprocess the filtered wine, less stress for the membranes

VLS TMF membranes are specific for cross-flow filtration

  • PES membrane specific for wine and derivatives filtration; suitable for cider, apple juice and vinegar filtration
  • Capillary membranes: internal diameter up to 1,5 mm

Other advantages

  • Automatic concentrate discharge
  • Tank management: filtering two different products one after the other and setting rinses or washes in between the two filtration runs
  • Unit for in line dosing of bentonite
  • Automatic self-cleaning pre-filter
  • Element isolation valves and valves to exclude loops from the process
  • Modular system easily expandable
  • PC/smartphone remote control
  • Residues still containing alcohol can be valorised in a distillery

Areas of application

Cross-flow filtration is suitable for a wide range of applications

Red and white wines

Cider and vinegar

Fruit juices

Other beverages with temperature ranging from -5°C to 55°C and sugar content up to 45° brix

Industry 4.0

Fully automated machine in all work phases (technology 4.0), suitable for super-amortisation

Return on investment in less than 3 years, considering savings (filtration aids, labor) and product quality

Operational parameters remote control

Our customers

VLS TMF-I filters have been used by wineries (and beverage producers) in several countries around the world. Discover the projects of these and other customers by requesting the complete information pack!

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