From spirits to chemicals: VLS Technologies filters for the Mexican market

Case studies / January 2018

Casa Herradura is one of the most prestigious tequila distillation plant, unmistakable for its logo, a good look horseshoe, but mostly for its production of very high quality tequila (100% blue agave). In 2017 they have established an important partnership with VLS Technologies by purchasing a sheet filter of the SFT series for the production of its famous tequila.

For Casa Herradura the image of the Company is as fundamental as the one of their products, an example being on their bottles which has already become the icon of Mexican Tequila. VLS Technologies have been chosen not only for their technology but for the aesthetic finishing of the machinery as well.

Casa Herradura keeps a strong link with their past and their hystorical factory which worked for almost one century up to 1963 and it is still perfectly conserved. The distillery is about 10 km away from the city of Tequila in Jalisco State in Mexico and produces tequila in a traditional way with the support of modern and technological machinery and processing.

Our technology for Casa Herradura

The sheet filter SFT supplied by VLS will have a main role during the production by eliminating the unwanted compounds which can overtime compromise the stability and the brilliance of the tequila.

Our filters are indeed designed for filtering industrial and food liquids, mostly for coarse filtration of finishing one on already prefiltered products. The results can be obtained by making the product pass through specific filtering medias (filtering sheets) which are mounted on dedicated plastic or SS plates and forcing the product to the get rid of the solids. The SFT filters are completely manufactured in AISI 304 or AISI316 and they come complete of filtering plates, available in different size on demand.

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