Tube in tube heat exchangers STT

This technology for oenologic process allows a fast decrease of product temperature, that flows through the internal tube, thanks to the thermal exchange with the refrigerating liquid that is present in the external tube.

Tube in tube heat exchangers STT

Standard version in AISI 304 Stainless Steel completed with:

  • Framework on fixed supports.
  • Internal pipes with corrugated surface in which the product to be cooled circulates.
  • External smooth pipes in which the cooling fluid circulates.
  • Elbows 180° for connection of product pipes complete of DIN 11851 (flange mod. STT 129/168) in order to allow the dismantlement and the inspection of the modules.
  • Connections on the must side: DIN11851 male connection
  • Connections on the water side: BSP female (internally threaded).

Other dimensions avaible on demand.

Product used for


Cantina Montelliana is the most important wine-producing cooperative of the Montello and Colli Asolani area. Cantina Montelliana distinguishes itself for the mix between innovation and tradition in all the steps of the producing process, a frequent characteristic of wine-making establishments with a long history. Nowadays Cantina Montelliana uses our continuous floater and an isobaric cross-flow filter with 24 membranes for the filtration of sparkling wines.

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