VLS Technologies and Cantina Montelliana: a successful partnership

Case studies / September 2016

Cantina Montelliana is the most important wine cooperative of the area of the Montello and Asolo hills.

In the project for Cantina Montelliana, we followed our usual method acquired in over 30 years of experience, which makes VLS Technologies a reliable partner in the wine making process and not just a supplier of technology.

Giuseppe Benacchio, VLS Technologies Area Manager, tell us about the project: “The first thing we did when Cantina Montelliana decided to contact us was understanding their needs. After that we have realized the project with our technicians and refine it in our workshops. Then we tested it at customer’s site and followed all the phases of commissioning of the plants. Today Cantina Montelliana use one of our continuous flotation units and a 24-membrane isobaric cross flow filter for sparkling wine filtration. We are keeping on supplying after sales service and updates”-

The winemaker Nicola Frozza explain his satisfaction for the result: “The crossflow filtration gave us the chance to eliminate the use of fossil flour and consequently its disposal; moreover, it allows us to better preserve the characteristics of the starting product by stressing it less”. A definite choice for Paolo Liberali, the director of Cantina Montelliana: “We have chosen VLS Technologies because it is an innovative Company with technologies that suit our needs; it a local Company which offer us an excellent technical assistance”.

Founded in 1957, Cantina Montelliana groups about 450 winegrowers who produces high quality wines such as Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio for a total of about 600 hectars in the heart of the Treviso province. “Our point of strength is production of Prosecco, specifically the ASOLO DOCG, which is our hill production and with which we are getting the most relevant awards” says Nicola Frozza.

The cooperative uses up to date and cutting-edge plants which allows the Prosecco producers to grant quality, hygiene and safety throughout all the winemaking process. At the same time, they relate to more traditional methods which come from the past experience and are linked to the history and winegrowing culture of this territory. Such situations ask for the capacity to introduce new technologies and adapt them to the pre-existing production processes and this is what VLS Technologies is particularly good at.

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