CRM monoblock refrigeration unit

For refrigeration and thermo regulation stages of the oenologic process, VLS has specifically designed these refrigeration units.


  • Standard version with framework PAINTED and external panelling made in zinc plated and painted sheet.
  • Compressor(s) SCROLL type with internal thermic protection, oil POE, vibration damping feet, cocks and gas HFC R410a.
  • HFC gas evaporator brazed welded type.
  • Condensator with finned battery made in copper-aluminium, axial fan(s) and protection grids.
  • Carbon steel tank for collection of cooled solution with external insulation made by foam material with closed cells.
  • One motor pump in stainless steel AISI304 for cooled solution circulation, designed for external utilities at low pressure.
  • Other parts in contact with cooled solution are in carbon steel.
  • Cooling circuit with expansion valve and external equalizer, drier filter, liquid passage indicator and receptor.
  • Control board on box made in zinc plated and painted sheet, electronic control.
  • Voltage standard 400/3/50 Hz.
  • Double set point as standard option.
  • Upon request ,stainless steel panel are available.

Product used for


Cantina Montelliana is the most important wine-producing cooperative of the Montello and Colli Asolani area. Cantina Montelliana distinguishes itself for the mix between innovation and tradition in all the steps of the producing process, a frequent characteristic of wine-making establishments with a long history. Nowadays Cantina Montelliana uses our continuous floater and an isobaric cross-flow filter with 24 membranes for the filtration of sparkling wines.

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