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Automatic crossflow filter TMF9-A

The standard version of our cross flow filter, to process filtration with an innovative method avoiding kieselguhr. Equipped with capillary polyethersulphone (PES) filter membranes.


With the standard version of our cross flow filter it’s possible to use 9 membranes, for a maximum filtering surface of 90 mq., avoiding the usage of  kieselguhr and other filtration adjuvants. An innovative, ecological and smart process to filter food liquids.

Fully automatic execution with frame on wheels featuring:

  • Feeding pump controlled by frequency driver and Stainless Steel prefilter.
  • Recirculation pump.
  • Capillary polyethersulphone filter membranes.
  • Digital pressure sensors on the inlet and oulet of the filter elements.
  • Digital flow meter.
  • Stainless Steel tank for cleaning purpose equipped with cartridge prefilter.
  • Automatic dosing system for detergents.
  • Electric board in Stainless Steel, IP55 degree of protection, with PLC for management of all phases automatically. Touch-screen color display for setting parameters and visualizing parameters and alarms.
  • Modem module for remote assistance.

Cantina Montelliana: a successful partnership

Cantina Montelliana is the most important wine-producing cooperative of the Montello and Colli Asolani area. Cantina Montelliana distinguishes itself for the mix between innovation and tradition in all the steps of the producing process, a frequent characteristic of wine-making establishments with a long history. Nowadays Cantina Montelliana uses our continuous floater and an isobaric cross-flow filter with 24 membranes for the filtration of sparkling wines.

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