VLS Technologies provides a kieselguhr filter to Olearia Desantis

Case studies / July 2017
Filtrazione olio

Olearia Desantis is one of the most important oil producers in Italy, it has been producing olive oil for more than sixty years in Bitonto (Province of Bari, Puglia), where their top product EVO “Terra di Bari” DOP was born.

VLS Technologies has realised for Olearia Desantis a 50 sqm DE filter with vertical screens for oil filtration. This filter, completely in Stainless Steel, is a tailor-made solution which was created after carefully studying and projecting by our technicians. Dimensions make it suitable for filtering huge volumes of oil, answering the needs from Desantis which is 20000 sqm Company and one of the most significant presences in the Italian oil sector.


This land has always benefited from a position and a climate suitable for production of extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil production in Puglia has gained over the years the prestigious national award DOC which have been granted to 4 types of oils produced in 4 different areas one of which is indeed the Terra di Bari.

In Cima di Bitonto olives are characterized by a fruity aroma and a harmonic and balanced scent of almond. It is here that, in the Fifties, Giovanni Desantis started to cultivate and take care of the first olive groves and to produce the olive oil in the oil mill of his family. The results would not take long to come: by the 70s what started as a small activity became a real olive oil Company with several advanced production sites: Olearia Desantis S.p.a.

The secret of the great success of Desantis family is very simple: “full fidelity to the rural tradition to grant the olive oil future”.

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