Vinitaly-Enolitech 2017: the new cross flows filter for wine on display

Eventi / Aprile 2017

We are working at the last details of our VLS Technologies booth for Vinitaly-Enolitech (Pad. F Stand M7) which will host three of our technological solutions for liquid filtration: the crossflow filters Unico, Lees Stop and Pluma.

We can’t look forward to meeting the wine and distillates producers; for them we have organized the event “The technological news for liquid filtration: efficiency and saving for your winery” which will happen Monday, April the 10th at 1.00 p.m. on our booth Vinitaly Enolitech. It will be the chance to have a moment of conviviality thanks to our buffet and the wine of our customer Cantina Montelliana; but also a moment of education. Our salesmen who are expert of the sector, Stefano Giacobini e Giuseppe Benacchio and the head of our R&D department, Luigino Mazzocato, will introduce our new technologies for liquid treatment in the oenological sector with particular focus on the new cross flows for wine and some successful solutions.

Cross flow filters are a modular technology which offers several advantages:

  • They do not require the use of any filtering aid, granting savings both in the cost of their purchasing and in the one of their disposal;
  • They are automatic solutions and they can stand continuous processes with 24 hours filtration cycles;
  • They offer excellent performances in terms of power consumption.

Our expert will introduce the UNICO filter, an all-in-one solution for the filtration of wine and less, perfect for small and medium producers who need to filter wine and lees with a unique solution based on cross flow filtration. The result is a high quality filtrate with turbidity inferior to 1, with reduced or eliminated microbiological flora and the warranty that all the organoleptic characteristic of the product are preserved or even improved.

Another very appreciated solution we are going to introduce at Vinitaly – Enolitech is the Lees Stop filter which replaces the traditional polymeric membranes of the wine cross flows with membrane in sintered Stainless Steel.
Jacopo Velo, AD of VLS Technologies – Velo Acciai S.r.l., is very happy with the results: “Thanks to numerous tests we have verified that this type of material is perfectly suitable for cross flow filtering “difficult” products and can reach concentrations up to 95% V/V.  Moreover, the Lees Stop give the chance to filter a wide range of products, from lees to wastewater. If we take into consideration the elimination of the disposal costs, the high performance of the filtrate, the total automation and the return on investment, the Lees Stop is indeed the ultimate solution for all the ones who need to filter in an efficient and innovative way product with high contents in solids”.

In the end, during the meeting of Monday April the 10th, we are going to talk about the membrane filtration plant for the wine sector which can work with different types of membranes, included the one for reverse osmosis. The plant, firstly introduced at the last Enomaq Exhibition in 2017 in Spain, will be on display at our booth at Vinitaly Enolitech.

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