A 250 hl penumatic wine press delivered in Corsica to an AOC-area cooperative

Thanks to the partnership with Montier Technologies, VLS brand comes to Corsica once more

Through the partnership with Montier Technologies, an experienced distributor specialized in turn-key technology providing for wineries, a new VLS Technologies wine press has been delivered in Corsica AOC area (Appellation Corse contrôlée) to “Le Cave Saint Antoine”.

A modern Corse winery

The winery represents more than 400 hectares of vineyards located in the Eastern plains, near Ghisonaccia. It was created in 1975 by the vintners of Saint Antoine’s hills to preserve the wine resources of the island with traditional types of vine: these vines give the wine its typical flavour and are completely appropriate to the Corsican soil. Recently the winery has updated its infrastructures opening a new bottling line and widening the storage area.

The technology supply by VLS Technologies

VLS has provided the closed 250 hl wine press PSC-250 with PLC for the control and authomatic management of the pressing and washing stages, together with a series of evacuation tanks and conveyor belts.

Our partnership with Montier Technologies

VLS Technologies is present and distributed in Corsica through the partnership with Montier Technologies, an historical brand for the supplying of technologies and realization of turn-key projects for the wine market. In Corsica we have supplied many medium-size presses (PSA-30, PSC-50 and PSC-80), a vertical pressure leaf filter for sparkling wines (a PED tested FVV-5, a new trend for Corsica that is beginning to produce some sparkling wines) and this autumn the first Lees-Stop.


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