VLS Technologies’ filters for fruit juices

From Italy to India, VLS Technologies’ filters for food liquids support a fast-growing sector

The global market for juice is expanding. Although the largest juice markets are in China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, other countries are expecting large annual growth in the upcoming years. Fruit and vegetable juices have begun gaining more popularity as health and dietary concerns also grow. Currently in the market, orange juice has the highest global demand, but there are many other juices that have high attention. These include: grapefruit juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, grape juice, tomato juice, other single fruit or vegetable juice, other citrus juice, and mixtures of juice.

VLS Technologies performs the consultancy and the design of technologies for the filtration and treatment of food liquids also for the sector of fruit-based drinks, establishing two new partnerships with an Italian producer of grape juice and with a great Indian juice producer

Two rotary vacuum filters for the Indian market of fruit juices

VLS Technologies has signed a new partnership with one of the main Indian producers of fruit juices, that has purchased two rotary vacuum filters with a surface of 25 sq.m to filter apple juice. The rotary vacuum filters (FRS) have been designed for the filtration of products with high content in solids through the usage of filtering adjuvant substances as kieselguhr. The technology is completely realized with stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316) and is composed by a rotary chamber, a basin that contains the product to be filtered and a measuring tank, equipped with pumps and controls for the correct operation. The vacuum is created inside the chamber that is partially submerged inside the basin that contains the liquid to be filtered. This way, the liquid flows inside the chamber where a stratum of kieselguhr filters the fruit juice. VLS Technologies offers a range of rotary vacuum filter that goes from 2,5 to 40 sq.m of filtering surface, but different sizes are available on request.

HPL-30-A Pluma Filter for an italian producer of grape juice

The filter for juices purchased by the Italian company is a totally automatic 30-cartridge Pluma filter used for the filtration of grape juice. Pluma filters (HPL) are micro-filtration cartridge technologies that can treat the product avoiding the usage of adjuvant substances. The technology is completely realized with stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316), is equipped with PLC for the management and monitoring of the operation and washing stages, housing for filtering cartridges, pumps and tools for the correct operation. Pluma filters are available both automatic and semi-automatic. One of their advantages is represented by the possibility to use cartridges with different porousness that make possible to filter in various steps to obtained the requested density. The range goes from 3 to 30 cartridges but on request different sizes are available.

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