VLS Technologies participates in Expo Pack Mexico 2018

The solutions for the filtration and treatment of food and industrial liquids by VLS Technologies showcased at Expo Pack Mexico 2018 achieved a great success among the Central and South American producers

From 5th to 8th June 2018 VLS Technologies participated together with the Mexican distributor Grupo Filtrantes in EXPO PACK Mexico 2018. The trade fair, at its 32nd Edition, with its 1.000 national and international exhibitors distributed on a 19.700 m. surface, has confirmed its status as the greatest-ever trade fair for the companies involved in the packaging and transformation of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and much more. Over 23.000 the visitors coming from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and many other Latin American countries that, during 4 days, have explored EXPO PACK Mexico. A great occasion for VLS Technologies to showcase the excellence of its solutions for the filtration and treatment of liquids.

VLS Technologies’ solutions in the Mexican market

In Mexico thanks to the partnership with Grupo Filtrantes our technologies have been purchased also by non-food companies. In addition to the producers of beer, juices etc., other well-established companies interested in our solutions there exist, operating in the markets of water treatment, mining and chemicals.

Differently from other countries where we are present, the Mexican market is not characterized by the presence of wine-making companies. Here the most important companies in the beverage markets produce carbonated drinks, widely consumed throughout the country , and spirits. Mexico, is well-known for its Tequila and Mezcal, two spirits widespread globally, both coming from the agave plants. But also fruit juices, palm and coconut organic oils, tea, infusions and natural cosmetics, with the traditional market of beer growing at fast pace.

VLS Technologies at Expo Pack Mexico 2018

Our presence in EXPO PACK Mexico 2018 has been a good chance to showcase our technologies for the filtration and treatment of food and industrial liquids. The most appreciated technology has been the one for the filtration of spirits by means of stainless steel membranes. This Lees-Stop filter allows to reduce product loss, and to avoid the usage of kieselguhr obtaining as a final result a product with upgraded quality.

Among the various solution VLS Technologies exhibited at EXPO PACK the small sheet filters have been much appreciated among the producers of food and non-food liquids to perform filtration tests. Also the pressure leaf filters, perfect for the treatment of sugary substances, have been much requested by soft drink producers. Also the ATEX-certified inox plates filter for spirits and press filters with a chamber for the separation of liquids and solids for food producers of corn syrups and vegetable oils have gained a remarkable success.

We can say that the participation in EXPO PACK Mexico has been a great achievement for VLS Technologies: our solutions lead us to create new partnerships with Latin American producers operating in a wide range of markets.