The Owl Distillery: Belgian premium whisky with international renown

A success story: our partnership with a small but very appreciated whisky producer

The Owl Distillery in brief

The first cask of the future Belgian Single Malt Whisky, The Belgian Owl, was filled on 29 october 2004, and later on the first sales took place. The Belgian Owl has been available from specialist retailers throughout Belgium since 2008. These retailers have promoted the product and have shared this passion for this first Belgian whisky that comes from Belgian agricultural heritage. 2010 and 2011 saw the recognition of the quality of the product, both through international competitions such as the ‘World Selection’ and ‘Le Mondial de Bruxelles’, and through publications such as Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

VLS’ contribution to The Owl’s production

We have provided The Owl Distillery with a completely automatic Lees-Stop filter (TLS-2-A) with ATEX certification. The client has chosen our technology since he wanted to replace the old sheet filters, that were no longer able to guarantee satisfying results, with our innovative solution. Choosing it, now he not only has a superior quality product, with increased market value, but he also can increase with safety the production per year, thanks to an automatic technology that can work without operator.