Chilean wine sector choses VLS Technologies

Chilean wineries have reached a new record of wine export and have decided to invest on VLS Technologies’ machinery to meet the market standards

Chilean wine: new record of exports

Chile is making the news, mainly for the growth of the wine exports all over the world. This positive trend is stealing market share to giant of the wine industry like France, thanks to competitive prices and free trade agreements with foreign countries, China first of all, that has become one of the biggest importer of chilean wines.

The chilean winemakers choses VLS Technologies’ machineries to meet the market standards

Chilean winemakers are investing on innovative technologies in order to keep up with the growing demand of chilean wine, that’s why they’re going from a traditional viticulture to a process organised for the new market needs. That’s where VLS Technologies comes in, supplying its machineries to the most important chilean wineries: Viñedos Puertas that bought our technologies to increase its production and Concha y Toro that renewed its machinieries on its production plants for the large retail industry and bulk wine.

Viñedos Puertas

Viñedos Puertas is a family-run company established in 1950. Thanks to its professionalism, the quality of their Porte vineyards and the constantly further research now it’s one of the most important chilean wine producers, giving prestige to Valle Curico. For strengthen their presence on global market Viñedos Puertas research constantly the best solutions for making their product even better: terroir, strain, clones and rootstock selection, permanent agronomic assistance and a winery with modern equipment supplyed by VLS Technologies. All this guarantee a production process that aims the product quality not forgetting the employees, the customers and the enviorment.

Concha y Toro

The chilean winery Concha y Toro, established in 1883, is the most important wine producer of South America and one of the most prestigious world leader on oenology sector, listed in 1923. The company has 8720 hectars under vines all over the main chilean regions where are produced 26 types of grapes that are processed in avant-garde facilities equipped with VLS Technologies machineries. Hence born some of well-known south american wines, thanks to important collaborations like the one with Banfi, that have brought Concha y Toro to export its wines in over 130 countries obtaining international awards.

VLS Technologies for chilean wine market

Chile, always identified as the south american country with the higher commercial purpose, have recognized this new trend. The chilean wineries are investing on production technologies to meet market needs, to increase the quality of the product and to keep high the competitiveness. Thanks to its technologies VLS Technologies is the main partner of the most important chilean wine producers.

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