Vedovato and Turrini: producers that look to the future with the support of VLS Technologies

Two important italian companies renew their confidence in VLS Technologies’ solutions and in cross flow filtration: no need for adjuvant substances, remarkable energy savings and total automation.

Vinicola Vedovato and Cantine Turrini: the first one is located in Veneto region, the second one in Emilia Romagna, companies with different stories and fields of specialization, but with the same passion for quality and constant innovation. Brands characterized by the dynamic approach of those who look to the future.

VLS Technologies has been by the side of these companies since many years, with technological solutions that guarantee the optimization of the processes and the enhancement of the product.

The latest technologies provided are cross flow filters for wine and musts. Vedovato has been supplied with a TMF-36-I cross flow filter. Turrini on its side has implemented its production plant with a TMF-60-I filter, with a filtering surface of 600 smq, in adjunct to a previous cross flow filter of the same type for a total filtering surface of 1.200 sqm.

In relation with traditional filtering, thanks to those solutions adjuvant substances are not necessary for the filtration process, with subsequent economical savings. Moreover, those innovative technologies guarantee a reduction of energy consumption and express a cutting-edge approach since they are modular solutions, that can be expanded at any time, and completely automatic.

New solutions that flank the ones previously supplied by VLS Technologies to the two producers, as “partner and single point of contact” for any need of liquid filtration and more.



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