Cross-flow filtration offers clarity and microbiological stability in just one operation, thereby eliminating fossil powders and the problems connected with their disposal. 

The TMF-SA is a cross-flow filtration system especially developed by Velo Acciai S.r.l. for wine and grape juice clarification. 

The results achieved are mainly due to the special capillary polyethersulphone membrane having internal diameter of 1,5 mm.

Filtro tangenziale semi-automatico

Technical features 

Semi automatic execution having frame on wheels composed by: 

  • Feeding pump controlled by frequency control having stainless steel prefilter. 
  • Recirculation pump. 
  • Capillary polyethersulphone filter membrane. 
  • Pressure sensor having digital display in the inlet and outlet of the filter elements. 
  • Digital flow meter. 
  • Stainless steel tank for cleaning purpose equipped with water filter. 
  • Control board in stainless steel with PLC for control and setting of the filter parameter.