VLS Technologies provides a kieselguhr filter to Olearia Desantis

The advanced technology of kieselguhr filters by VLS Technologies meets the needs of Olearia Desantis, one of the most important olive oil producers in Italy

Olearia Desantis is one of the most important oil producers in Italy, it has been producing olive oil for more than sixty years in Bitonto (Province of Bari, Puglia), where their top product EVO “Terra di Bari” DOP was born.

VLS Technologies has realized for Olearia Desantis a vertical kieselguhr filter for oil with a filtering surface of 50 sqm. This stainless steel kieselguhr filter represents a bespoke solution realized according to a detailed analysis and design stage developed by our technical staff. The size of the technology is particularly fit for the filtration of large volumes of oil, satisfying the needs expressed by Desantis, a company that, with its 20.000 sqm of surface, is one of the main players in the Italian edible oil market. The kieselguhr filter for olive oil made for Desantis is an example of the technologies expressly designed for the oil market by VLS Technologies, a field where the company can boast remarkable partnerships.

Olearia Desantis constantly growing since 1950

Olearia Desantis was founded in Bitonto in the Province of Bari during the Fifties. That land benefits from a very favorable position and climate for the production of EVO oil, a tasty oil to be used for the seasoning and cooking of many kinds of food. The production of olive oil in Puglia has obtained the prestigious national certification DOP (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta), assigned to four types of oil, produced in four different areas, and one of them is precisely the “Terra di Bari” DOP.

In Cima di Bitonto, olives are characterized by a fruity flavour with an unmistakable almond aroma, very well-balanced and harmonious. It’s here that during the Fifties Giovanni De Santis started to cultivate and grow the first olive trees and to produce the olive oil in the family mill. The results of his efforts came very soon and during the Seventies the small production was turned into a real company for the making of olive oil with a number of innovative mills: Olearia Desantis S.p.a.

Nowadays the company, in the middle of one of the most important Italian and global areas for the production of olive oil, the “Terra di Bari”, produces premium quality EVO oil and sell it at competitive prices, so demonstrating to be a very efficient organization with a solid structure and fast development. The key of the success of Desantis family is very simple: “a great respect for the tradition of agricultural culture, in order to guarantee a bright future for olive oil”.

VLS Technologies offers consultancy and technologies for the filtration of edible oils to some of the most important oil brands in Italy and abroad, thanks to its technical team with a multi-disciplinary expertise that is able to provide a full service (consultancy, design and assistance) developing bespoke solutions based on the specific needs of each producer.