Caveau Bugiste and VLS Technologies: pneumatic presses for premium French wines

French wine producer Caveau Bugiste celebrates its 50th anniversary installing three pneumatic presses for wine by VLS Technologies

Caveau Bugiste, a small but prestigious wine producer that became an “economic booster” for all the wineries of Bugey, celebrates 50 years of commitment and passion. They have decided to praise their half-century history through the installation of new vinification tanks with pneumatic presses that will be in operation starting from the next 2017 harvest. The unveiling of the new pneumatic presses provided by VLS Technologies was the peak of a festive weekend dedicated to a remarkable anniversary for this major economic institution.

The Bugey region: land of great wines and wine tourism destination

Caveau Bugiste is a winery that produces premium French wines: red, white, rosé and sparkling wines, as the AOC (“Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” that corresponds to Italian “Denominazione di Origine Controllata”) Chardonnay Cuvée Vieilles Vignes, Symphonie rosé, Manicle cuvée de la Truffière, Machuraz Blanc. Moreover Caveau Bugiste is a reference point for the wine tourism that attracts more that 30.000 tourists per year in  Bugey, a French district placed between Lyon and Geneve, along a bend of Rhone river, well known for its landscapes and its production of wines. Among wines from Bugey the most famous are Cerdon, similar to a natural champagne framboise (with raspberries) and Montagnieu, an excellent sparkling wine. The region is prestigious also for its  food:  Belley, the capital, is known as the birthplace of Brillat Savarin, French politician and  gourmet that first celebrated the figure of the “intellectual gastronome” in its book  “Physiology of Taste” (1825).

Three generations and half a century of history

“Half a century of a long and beautiful history” has declared Eric Angelot, President of the Union of Wineries of Bugey. Partially a family history, founded on the figures of André and Jean Chaudet, and by the third generation represented by Yannick Chaudet and Clément Metge. Together with the Chaudets, in 1967, Henri Guillon, Louis Michaud, Paul Pinet, Raymond Prémillieu created this wine-production model that boasts 45 cultivated hectares, with 10 full-time operators, that during recent years has developed a daring investment policy, increasing from 14.000 to almost 400.000 bottles per year, without altering the quality of the product.

 Three new PLC pneumatic presses

Caveau Bugiste this year will adopt three new pneumatic presses for grapes provided by VLS Technologies and installed by its French distributor Viti-Agri of Serrières-de-Briord. More specifically VLS Technologies has provided one PSA-30 press (30 hl open press), one PSA-50 press (50 hl open press) and one PSC-50 press (50 hl close press). All of them are equipped with washing system and with a PLC capable of managing independently all the pressing stages. The presses will be in operation by the end of August. The Director Yannick Piaser and his collaborator Laurent Fusillet explain: “Those technologies have a PLC that the client can program according to its needs”. This is the reason why Caveau Bugiste has relied on the expertise of VLS Technologies, that can offer a unique and customized process system. Consultancy and bespoke design are the keys to guarantee the optimization of costs, efficiency and quality of results with a product realized on the specific needs of a single client.

Soft pressure, high technology, efficient and punctual after-sales assistance

Thanks to pneumatic presses, the pressing of grapes is progressive and delicate, and the skin doesn’t undergo excessive pressure. That guarantees the exclusive extraction of the most noble components that make the must devoid of aggressive and herbaceous notes. After the testing of wine presses, Caveau Bugiste can count on François Denneulin, French agent of VLS Technologies, for an efficient and punctual after-sale assistance: a guarantee that can be offered only by those who perfectly know the technologies. François and Giuseppe Benacchio, Area Manager of VLS Technologies Italy, are sure that “this year, inside the vinification tanks of Caveau Bugiste, there will be a perfect must!”.


Caveau Bugiste and VLS Technologies: pneumatic presses for premium French wines
Caveau Bugiste and VLS Technologies: pneumatic presses for premium French wines