Brazil: a pneumatic press PSC for Vinicola Campestre

Many partnerships are growing between VLS and Brazilian winemakers, in a country described as a «big promise» in the oenological sector

The Brazilian wine market

A PSC press – pneumatic press with closed tank – is added to the list of machines sold to our Brazilian partners. Brazil is the third wine producer of the Latin America, following Chile and Argentina, the world players of South American wine market. The country was described as a «big promise» in the oenological sector, but it hasn’t show all its potential.

Inside the country the wine knowledge is growing: not only rich people drink wine, many trade associations were born and the local producers are even more specialized.

Moreover, in 2017 Brazilians wineries have produced over 753.000 tons of wine grapes, and this was a new record. For the 2018 Ibravin, the Brazilian Wine Institute, foresee a 600.000 tons production, 20% lower than the 2017. This didn’t worry the wine producers because the wine grapes quality has grown.
In the last years the production growth has helped the export of Brazilian wine in the world, confirming the sector growth not only on quantity side but also on quality one. In Brazil many wine shop and dealers are selling national wines, a trend that show the increasing quality of the product thanks to the new production methods adopted by many wine producers. The Brazilian wine producers have worked hard in the last years to improve the quality and the identity of their wines and every production site is specialized on vines and production techniques specific for their area. There is a long way to go, but this is the right direction to work on to receive international awards.

VLS Technologies for Brazilian market

Many companies from wine and food sector have chosen VLS Technologies’ solutions for their production process in order to improve the quality of their products. Our vertical screens filters and our chillers are already bought by Vinicola Quintas de Sao Braz, Laticinios Bio LTDA and Vinhos Milani they chose us for our expertise and know-how in liquid processing.

A VLS Technologies’ pneumatic press for Vinicola Campestre

Vinicola Campestre, a family-run company in Rio Grande do Sul, the main region for wine production in Brazil, have been established more than a century ago. Vinicola Campestre produces still wines, sparkling wines and juices using both methodology and technology that allows to satisfy their customers with natural products with distinctive flavors from years.

Until now the company has made important investments for renewing and expanding its machine pool, increasing the production capacity and improving the product quality. That’s why Vinicola Campestre chosed our technologies and our know-how, they have bought a pneumatic press PSC of 160 hectoliters and two chillers of 500.000 frigorie/hour (CRV-2632).

Advantages and features of VLS Technologies’ PSC presses

Compared to other kind of presses, our range of pneumatic presses with closed tank allow, through the inflating of a membrane, to press the grape gently. All the working process is controlled by a PLC that also allow to set up custom pressing programs. The winemaker is free to decide how to adjust all the working phases (inflating, deflating and maintaining the membrane under pressure) depending on the product that has to be processed. VLS Technologies’ PSC pneumatic press is designed to press the product gently and uniformly, avoiding extracting some substances that could adulterate the product during the next phases of the working process. All the working phases of our pneumatic presses are fully automated, so the presence of an operator is not necessary.

We are proud of our partnerships with Brazilian winemakers, the country is making big progress and many companies are growing. So, these good prospects on wine sector are going to strengthen VLS Technologies’ presence in the Brazilian market, thanks to our innovative and scalable products, that can satisfy small and big companies’ needs.

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