Kieselguhr filters by VLS Technologies for breweries

The horizontal kieselguhr filter FOC20 for the Italian brewery Semedorato has been designed by VLS Technologies according to PED certification

Once again,  the Italian brewery Semedorato relies on the experience and solutions of VLS Technologies: after the purchase of a 10 sqm vertical kieselguhr filter now it adds to its machinery a second filter for beer by VLS. It’s the FOC20 horizontal filter, a 20 sqm kieselguhr filter with centrifugal drain and PED certification, expressly designed for the filtration of beer.

The PED-certified FOC20 kieselguhr filter for Semedorato brewery

The Semedorato Premium Lager and the Golden Seed Doppelbock are the two top products by Semedorato, a brewery that produces about  50.000 hl of beer per year, sold in Italy and abroad (particularly in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Costa Rica).

The FOC20 filter purchased by Semedorato is a horizontal filter constituted by compact stainless steel single-piece units for the filtration of beer by means of kieselguhr that acts as an adjuvant, with centrifugal drain and an electric panel made of self-exstinguishing polycarbonate. This specific kieselguhr filter has obtained the PED certification. According to Regulation 2014/68/UE (PED) on risk management and security for pressurized machinery, this filter has been designed with an eye to the essential safety requirements since it is a filter operating under a maximum pressure of 0,5 bar.

Indeed VLS Technologies, thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise and the solid know-how of its qualified R&D, Design and Production staff, is capable of delivering customized solutions that satisfy the specific needs of its clients.

Not only kieselguhr filters for breweries: the sheet filters and micro-filtration housing

The kieselguhr filter is considered a reliable technology, and in addition VLS Technologies’ customizable solutions can vary some technical specifications in order to better solve the needs of each producer. For example the type of kieselguhr or its dosage, so to obtain a different thickness of the filtration panel. The choice of this adjuvant is safe and reliable thanks to its versatility. It can filter all the types of liquids guaranteeing excellent results and preserving the quality of the final product through one or more steps of filtration.
For breweries VLS Technologies also offers different filtration technologies as sheet filters and lenticular or cartridge micro-filtration housing.