Domenico Sambataro: an interview with our General Manager

We ask Domenico Sambataro, General Manager at VLS Technologies, to give us his views on “supporting the customer creating innovation” at VLS, and what’s his vision on the liquid treatment market that can give us a glimpse today of where the company’s focus will be tomorrow.

Can you give us your view on the approach that characterizes VLS Technologies?

VLS Technologies is a reliable partner able to work across several various technological fields of application while offering flexibility, a full range of products, all matched with process knowledge and moneysaving consultancy. With the expertise and facilities of our production unit at San Zenone degli Ezzelini in the Province of Treviso, and thanks to a worldwide network, VLS Technologies is the right technology partner when it comes to liquids processing. Starting from the multidisciplinary expertise available on its

production site, and relying on an international network of agents, authorized resellers and support, you can rely on our truly turn-key service. From consulting and careful design to the needs of the various sectors we serve, through to testing, after-sales support and spare-parts management, VLS Technologies is placed ideally as your reliable, one-stop-shop expert partner in technology.

What’s the main difference between you and “the others”?

We’re not the only ones to claim that our team has great know-how gained over many years, and extensive international experience with respect to both technical and management staff and to the workers we employ. Nor are we the only ones to present ourselves as having a mission of product quality and customer satisfaction. But without wanting to sound presumptuous, I think we are one of the few in our industry who, by combining the two have reached certain goals we set ourselves. Proof of this are the large financial efforts made in research and development, and in obtaining quality certification for our products.

You have been working in VLS Technologies for only one year. How do you identify your approach to management with the values that stand at the very foundations of the company?

VLS Technologies has been working for over 35 years to best serve both large clients as well as and family run-production companies, along with all those in between, without forgetting the values which Giovanni Velo laid down as the foundations of our company in 1980, and which continue today. Our best characteristics indeed stem from our craft-based beginnings: flexibility, attention to detail and the passion that we put into developing projects with our clients.

In your opinion, what are the keys to the success of VLS Technologies?

I believe the secret of our success is the search for success in innovation. We want to represent the Italian excellence in the field of technologies for liquid filtration, especially in the most innovative aspects. First of all, our task is to be leaders and consultants in the exploration of this new scenario.