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10 flotation plants with discontinuous system for Velo Argentina

VLS Technologies has recently provided to its distributor for Argentina “Velo Argentina” in Mendoza 10 flotation plants with discontinuous system PFC-300. Flotation is a separation technique that exploits the difference in specific mass between the liquid and the solids to be separated: this situation is caused via dissolution of gas, usually compressed air, which adheres to the surface of the solid, making the ‘solid-liquid whole’ lighter. This way, the solid quickly rises from the bottom to the top. The most frequent…

VLS Technologies, partner for refrigeration

Refrigeration units for many applications: from wine to spirits VLS Technologies can provide its solutions for the stabilization and the thermic regulation of the product. Besides the technologies for filtration and other solutions for liquid treatment, VLS Technologies has been supplying for many years to a wide market range, from the point of view of both the treated product and the geographical area, refrigeration systems and scraped surface coolers, both horizontal (RCR-40000, 60000, 80000 e 120000) and vertical (RCR-10000, 15000,…

VLS Technologies’ filters for fruit juices

From Italy to India, VLS Technologies’ filters for food liquids support a fast-growing sector The global market for juice is expanding. Although the largest juice markets are in China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, other countries are expecting large annual growth in the upcoming years. Fruit and vegetable juices have begun gaining more popularity as health and dietary concerns also grow. Currently in the market, orange juice has the highest global demand, but there are many…