VLS Technologies at Enomaq 2019: the report of our participation

Enomaq 2019, scenario of the technological potential of the wine and bottling industry

Enomaq exhibition is one of the most important Shows in the agri-food sector in Europe, attracting professionals from all over the world: manufacturers, industrialists, importers, exporters, technicians, specialists, wineries, wine growers and producers who find in Enomaq a comprehensive showcase of the very latest on machinery and technologies applied to the wine and drinks industry.

Enomaq exhibition is especially aimed at the oenological and oil sector, but this year a new pavilion for the beer sector was inaugurated, although it has found less interest on the part of visitors.

Velo Acciai SRL with its brand VLS Technologies was present at this event with its distributor in Spain Velo Maquinaria, located in the region with the highest production of grapes from all over Europe, namely Castiglia-La Mancia.

Velo Maquinaria has also a network of distributors in other important regions of Spain, such as Andalusia, Extremadura, Ribera del Duero, Rioja. This has allowed our company to reach a considerable diffusion throughout the Spanish territory and to serve important wineries such as La Roda, Tarazona and Quintanar del Rey.

Thanks to Enomaq, the professionals of the sector had the opportunity to discover and know on-site the main research projects and technical proposals of our company.

In this exhibition, VLS Technologies has firmly focused on the technology of cross-flow filters, with organic membranes for wine and with stainless steel membranes for dense products and lees.

The greatest interest has been obtained by the technology of the stainless membranes, as it allows to replace bulky machines, which consume many additives and give a low-quality product, with a small-size and high-automation machine, which guarantees the best quality of the product.


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