VLS Technologies for the Chinese market

China is one of the main wine importers, but many local wine producers are emerging that have chosen our technologies

China wine consumption is growing quickly: is not only a status symbol

China is becoming one of the main wine consumer in the world and it will become the leader in bottled wine import. Not only a matter of status symbol! Chuan Zhou, researcher of Wine Intelligence for the Chinese market, said that the research of popularity and social status influence the purchase and consumption behavior of wine. In fact, Chinese people prefer to buy famous French or Italian wines, that attract for their brand labels than for a research by taste and flavor.

Thanks to this is growing the interest in wine and in the main cities, lot of wine shop have been opened. These are specialized shops sell wine and also organize tastings and courses. Chinese are demonstrating more open-minded to the knowledge of wine, to get used to new tastes and flavors that diversify all the wines brand.

VLS Technologies in the oenological Chinese market

From years VLS Technologies is present on the oenological Chinese market; our area manager Domenico Dalle Fratte, is very satisfied about the positive trend of our technologies for the wine sector from 2014: “Our scraped surface refrigerators and our filtration equipment work perfectly with the production needs of Chinese wine producers, a positive trend that we aim to improve in the next years.”

Our customers include wine producers of large retail industry, that needs fully automatic and with high flow rate equipment to process a large quantity of product for long batches, and also the medium and small wine producers. These ones aim to the product quality and needs small and easy to use equipment, not necessarily automatic, but always reliable.

VLS Technologies has been able to enter in the Chinese market before other competitors, so since 2014 we have sold many scraped surface refrigerators, both verticals and horizontals, giving the customer reliable machines, fully automatic and always in accordance with the applicable cooling gas laws. Our ten-year know-how on oenological sector allowed us to bring our filtration technologies to the Chinese wine producers, like D.E. filters (horizontal with manual or centrifugal discharge and vertical screens) and crossflow filters.

Our partnership with Silver Heights

Our technologies for wine sector are perfect for big Chinese wine producers, but also for new ones, like Silver Heights, a great winery of Ningxia region.

Silver Heights began in 2007 thanks to the passion for wine and viticulture for their founders, Emma Gao, a chinese woman that have studied viticulutre in Bordeaux, and her husband, Thierry Courtade, French winemaker. Today they have 60 hectares of cabernet sauvignon and merlot that are perfect for Ningxia region soil, and they produce over 80.000 bottles per year. Thanks to the winemaking techniques learned in Bordeaux the wine quality of Silver Heights was immediatly outstanding, and now they produce some of the best Chinese wines like Emma’s Reserve, 100% cabernet sauvignon 2 years aged on French oak barrels, comparable to our Brunello di Montalcino. They produce also the Summit, 65% cabernet sauvignon and 35% merlot, the Family Reserve and Last Warrior series, a white and a red one, two economical blends.

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