Vinitaly – Enolitech 2017: VLS Technologies will showcase some noteworthy new technologies

We are involved in the final set-up for our participation in Vinitaly – Enolitech trade fair, that will be held in Verona on 9th-12th April 2017; with its 131.000 buyers from 140 countries, it’s the largest trade fair devoted to wine and spirits in the world. Our stand VLS Technologies at Pad. F Stand M7, will host three of our solutions for the treatment of wine and spirits: Unico, Lees Stop and Pluma.

For the producers of wine and spirits we have organized and event about “The new technologies for the filtration of liquids: efficiency and performance for the producers” that will be held on Monday 10th April at 1 P.M. at our stand. It will be a good occasion to meet and to share eating something and tasting the wine of our client “Cantine Montelliana”, but also to discover and learn something about the filtration of wine and spirits, since Stefano Giacobini e Giuseppe Benacchio, and our R&D Manager Luigino Mazzocato will focus on some “case studies” about the results obtained applying our technologies to the products of our clients.

We will introduce Unico, a filter meant for small/medium producers who need to filter their products (wine and lees) with one solution only, obtaining a high quality filtrate and with turbidity inferior to 1 NTU and shoot down the microbiological flora meanwhile saving the organoleptic characteristics or improving them sometimes. The filtering media that we are using can stand repeated regenerations with hot water and detergents. All models come in the semi-automatic or automatic version. In the latter the PLC handles all the phases – filling, filtration, cleaning – and constantly monitors all parameters without any need for the operator’s intervention.

Another widely appreciated technology is “Lees-stop”, a solution meant for filtering products with high content in solids that replaces the traditional polymeric membranes of the cross flow filters with sinterized stainless steel membranes. Sinterization is a thermal process to which stainless steel powders undergo. Our CEO Jacopo Velo is very satisfied of the results: “Thanks to several tests, we have verified that this kind of material perfectly fits the cross flow filtration of difficult to treat products leading to products on the outlet with concentration up to 95% V/V. The Lees Stop also allows the filtration of a broad range of products, from lees to industrial waste: in example, very good results have been achieved with producers of juices. If we take in consideration the knocking down of costs connected to disposal, the high quality of the filtrate, the full automation and the economical comeback from waste of the process, “Lees Stop” really represents the ultimate solution for who needs to filter efficiently and in innovative way products with and high content in solids”.

Finally, during the meeting of Monday 10th April we will introduce the membrane filtration system that works with different kinds of membrane, included the inverted osmosis membranes: a technology that obtained a good success at the latest Enomaq trade fain in Spain. See you at VLS Technologies stand at Vinitaly – Enolitech!

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