The new Unico filter: the all-in-one solution for small and medium producers

The new Unico filter: the all-in-one solution for small and medium producers

The new technology that is capable of filtering lees and musts together in a single step is Unico by VLS Technologies

An all-in-one solution

Unico filter is the new solution by VLS Technologies dedicated to small and medium producers.  Differently from the other technologies available on the market, Unico is an all-in-one solution that enables to filter lees and musts together perfectly filtering them in a single step. The result is a filtered product of excellent quality with a turbidity below 1 NTU. Thanks to our filter it becomes possible to get a good filtration of the product and to reduce the microbiological flora; all of this by saving all the organoleptic characteristic of the product. Our filtering media can stand repeated regenerations with warm water and detergents: this means a longer lifespan. At the end of the process, the remaining product in the tank does not have to be reprocessed and can be sent directly to the distillery in order to optimize time, product and resources.

Technical features

Our Unico filter is available in different sizes with 1, 4, 7 and 10 filtering modules up to 60 hl/h. It implements two types of membranes: the capillary membranes made of polyethersulfone that guarantee a perfectly clean product and the stainless steel membranes. All the filters are realized in stainless steel with food degree polishing and they are placed, depending on the size, on stainless steel skids on wheels. The filter is completed with pumps, housings and all the instrumentation necessary for correct operation and check of the safety parameters.

It also includes pressure transducers, electronic flow meter, probe for temperature control, device for control of flow rate of the feed pump, tank for cleaning and for the dosing of detergents. In the latter the PLC handles all the operations – filling, filtration, discharge, washing- and constantly monitor all the parameters with no needs for operator’s intervention. Thanks to the touch screen it is possible to set all the phases, times and all the parameters necessary to the correct operation of the machine.

Stefano Giacobini, VLS Technologies’ Area Manager adds more details: “The approach to design has been that of modularity. It means that, starting from a basic module, normally with 30 sq.m of filtering surface, we can implement the solution with more modules that can be added also at a later time to increase the production capacity of the machine up to 3-4 times the initial capacity. Therefore 30-60-90 sq.m of increased filtering capacity”.

Our UNICO filters are designed to adapt to most of the cases. Our machines have flow rates from 9-60 hl/h depending to the required configuration. For medium turbidity products, the average capacity on the single run is as follows: up to 600 hl/h for the 1 module, up to 2000 hl/h for the 4 modules; up to 4000 hl/h for the 7 modules; up to 6000 hl/h for the 10 modules.


Francesco Chinni, VLS Technologies’ Sales Manager tells us: “The advantages guaranteed by Unico filter are typical of cross flow filtration with remarkable levels of product recovery that sometimes can reach the maximum rate of 99%”.  Unico guarantees reduced product losses and low retention of color and structure: a single filter for all needs with the possibility of filtration of sparkling wines, and no lees in stock. Being a cross flow filter, Unico does not require the use of kieselguhr, which is a great advantage because it means saving their supply and disposal. In addition, Unico filter is the ideal solution not only for medium and small wine producers but also for other products as grape juice, cider, spirits, fruit juices where Unico guarantees efficiency and savings with a final result of the best quality.

Unico filter wins the New Technology Award at SIMEI 2017

The all-in-one filtration solution Unico by VLS Technologies has been awarded the New Technology SIMEI 2017 in the Innovation Challenge SIMEI@drinktec 2017. An award created by Unione Italiana Vini that offers a recognition to innovations in the field of oenology and bottling. An important award for VLS Technologies that testifies for the courage in investing for research and innovation. The awarding ceremony took place on September 12th during SIMEI, the world-leader trade fair for beverage & liquid food technologies where VLS participated as an exhibitor.

Know-how and constant research

Domenico Sambataro, VLS Technologies’ General Manager closes: “The Unico project perfectly represents our philosophy based on the development of the best solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs. The excellent results obtained with this solution make us really proud of the vision of our technical staff”. VLS Technologies’ solutions can boast the multidiscplinary expertise and know-how of a qualified staff that operates in research & development, design and production divisions.

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