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Brazil: a pneumatic press PSC for Vinicola Campestre

Many partnerships are growing between VLS and Brazilian winemakers, in a country described as a “big promise” in the oenological sector The Brazilian wine market A PSC press – pneumatic press with closed tank – is added to the list of machines sold to our Brazilian partners. Brazil is the third wine producer of the Latin America, following Chile and Argentina, the world players of South American wine market. The country was described as a “big promise” in the oenological…

A 100 hl press, to enter the Bolivian market of Singani

Our technologies for Casa Real, a company in the high-quality band. Earlier this year, even the Washington Post featured an article entitled “The absolutely delicious Bolivian spirit all drinkers need to know”: it’s Singani, a distillate made from the wine production of certain parts of Bolivia. What makes it special is the combination of product, zone and method. To be classified a “Singani”, the distillate must be made from a Moscato d’Alessandria grown only in certain limited areas of the Bolivian Andes, at high altitudes. The product also must…