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VLS Technologies: the technological partner for the filtration of liquids

VLS Technologies

Our mission goes beyond providing technologies for liquid filtration: we design and develop bespoke solutions for our clients guaranteeing a fast and experienced after-sale service The markets of wine, beer, spirits, juices and soft drinks are constantly evolving, and the technological solutions adopted for the filtration of liquids require continuous processes of growth aimed at researching, developing and innovating. VLS Technologies is a leading company in the market of the solutions for the filtration of liquids, capable not only of…

Expoliva 2017: VLS Technologies for olive oil producers

VLS Technologies will participate at the 18th edition of Expoliva – International Fair of the Olive Oil taking place in Jàen (Spain) from 10th to 13th May 2017. The latest technology in liquid processing for olive oil and other food oils will be showcased at the booth of Velo Maquinaria, Carpa “Cifarelli” n. 36 in the premises of the Provincial Trade Fair and Congress Center of Jàen (Recinto Provincial de Ferias y Congresos). Expoliva is the most important worldwide appointment…

VLS Technologies for Desantis

VLS Technologies, with the consultative, bespoke approach that characterizes it, also serves the sector of quality olive oil production. Among our customers is Olearia Desantis, a company that has been producing EVO olive oil since the 1950s. For Desantis, we have developed a 50 m2 vertical kieselguhr filter.…