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10 flotation plants with discontinuous system for Velo Argentina


VLS Technologies has recently provided to its distributor for Argentina “Velo Argentina” in Mendoza 10 flotation plants with discontinuous system PFC-300. Flotation is a separation technique that exploits the difference in specific mass between the liquid and the solids to be separated: this situation is caused via dissolution of gas, usually compressed air, which adheres to the surface of the solid, making the ‘solid-liquid whole’ lighter. This way, the solid quickly rises from the bottom to the top. The most frequent…

Brazil: a pneumatic press PSC for Vinicola Campestre

Many partnerships are growing between VLS and Brazilian winemakers, in a country described as a “big promise” in the oenological sector The Brazilian wine market A PSC press – pneumatic press with closed tank – is added to the list of machines sold to our Brazilian partners. Brazil is the third wine producer of the Latin America, following Chile and Argentina, the world players of South American wine market. The country was described as a “big promise” in the oenological…

Chilean wine sector choses VLS Technologies

Chilean wineries have reached a new record of wine export and have decided to invest on VLS Technologies’ machinery to meet the market standards Chilean wine: new record of exports Chile is making the news, mainly for the growth of the wine exports all over the world. This positive trend is stealing market share to giant of the wine industry like France, thanks to competitive prices and free trade agreements with foreign countries, China first of all, that has become…

Vedovato and Turrini: producers that look to the future with the support of VLS Technologies

Two important italian companies renew their confidence in VLS Technologies’ solutions and in cross flow filtration: no need for adjuvant substances, remarkable energy savings and total automation. Vinicola Vedovato and Cantine Turrini: the first one is located in Veneto region, the second one in Emilia Romagna, companies with different stories and fields of specialization, but with the same passion for quality and constant innovation. Brands characterized by the dynamic approach of those who look to the future. VLS Technologies has been…