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Kieselguhr filters by VLS Technologies for breweries

The horizontal kieselguhr filter FOC20 for the Italian brewery Semedorato has been designed by VLS Technologies according to PED certification Once again,  the Italian brewery Semedorato relies on the experience and solutions of VLS Technologies: after the purchase of a 10 sqm vertical kieselguhr filter now it adds to its machinery a second filter for beer by VLS. It’s the FOC20 horizontal filter, a 20 sqm kieselguhr filter with centrifugal drain and PED certification, expressly designed for the filtration of…

VLS Technologies, partner for refrigeration

Refrigeration units for many applications: from wine to spirits VLS Technologies can provide its solutions for the stabilization and the thermic regulation of the product. Besides the technologies for filtration and other solutions for liquid treatment, VLS Technologies has been supplying for many years to a wide market range, from the point of view of both the treated product and the geographical area, refrigeration systems and scraped surface coolers, both horizontal (RCR-40000, 60000, 80000 e 120000) and vertical (RCR-10000, 15000,…