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10 flotation plants with discontinuous system for Velo Argentina


VLS Technologies has recently provided to its distributor for Argentina “Velo Argentina” in Mendoza 10 flotation plants with discontinuous system PFC-300. Flotation is a separation technique that exploits the difference in specific mass between the liquid and the solids to be separated: this situation is caused via dissolution of gas, usually compressed air, which adheres to the surface of the solid, making the ‘solid-liquid whole’ lighter. This way, the solid quickly rises from the bottom to the top. The most frequent…

An ATEX press filter for Campari Argentina

Campari Argentina chooses the ATEX-certified press filters by VLS Technologies VLS Technologies for Campari Argentina Campari Argentina newly rely on VLS Technologies and acquires an ATEX press filter LFA 500×500 with 50 plates that flanks a similar one provided years ago to produce the iconic Campari Rosso. The filter has the ATEX Certification since it is used in an area with risk of explosions, than VLS Technologies performed a bespoke design for the motorization and electrical components, included the control…