Combined destemmer-crusher

DPC 150 – DPC 300 – DPC 500

AISI304 Stainless Steel frame on fixed supports (model DPC-150 on wheels).
Destemmer with hopper for loading, feeding screw, beater and drilled basket.
Drilled sheet hopper for draining with closed basin for must. Screw with adjustable speed operated by independent mechanical moto-variator (model DPC-150 with one-speed gearmotor).
Stainless steel basket (model DPC-150 with PE basket) turning in the same direction of beater with adjustable speed, actuated by independent mechanical moto-variator (model DPC-150 with one motor, with inverter, for beater and basket).
Beater actuated by independent electrical motor and reductor, transmission by belts and  pulleys, electronical variation of revolutions (inverter).
Internal self washing device (models DPC-300, DPC-500).
Basket and beater easily detachable and interchangeable for different uses depending on the grapes. Crusher on slides for crushing / no crushing operation.
Rubber rollers apt for foodstuffs, adjustable distance between rollers.
Crusher transmission by independent gearmotor with constant speed.Control board.
Standard voltage 400/3/50 Hz.
Versions without control board available on demand.


DPC 40G – DPC 60G – DPC 100G
AISI304 Stainless Steel on wheels.
Destemmer completed with hopper for grape loading, beater with rubber paddles, screw and basket made in Stainless Steel, basin for must collection.
Moto-variator with expandable pulley to adjust the speed of cage, beater and crusher rollers.
System for regulation of the distance between beater and cage.
Extractable beater, cage and must basin.
Crusher movable on tubular supports, complete of foodstuffs silicone rollers.
Adjustable distance between rollers.
Pivoting rollers for an easy cleaning.
Machine allows to destem and crush or to crush only.
Electrical magneto-thermic switch for start and stop.
Standard voltage 400/3/50 Hz.