Scraped surface cooler RCR-80000 for Vinex Slavyantsi

Besides the technologies for filtration and other solutions for liquid treatment, VLS Technologies supplies refrigeration systems and scraped surface coolers, both horizontal (RCR-40000, 60000, 80000 e 120000) and vertical (RCR-10000, 15000, 20000, 30000).

Recently a scraped surface cooler RCR-80000 has been realized for Vinex Slavyantsi. This company rises in the Sungurlare Valley, Bulgaria, part of the sub-Balkan wine-growing region, the “Valley of Roses”, with vineyards for about 700 hectares. In the case of the wines and vermouths produced by Vinex Slavyantsi, the refrigeration can segregate the unwanted substances, increasing the alcohol proof and reducing the possible processes of accelerated ageing.

The RCR-80000 cooler can operate in a totally automatic mode, without the aid of the operator.


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