A PSC 80 press for the Portuguese Vinho Verde

One of the most prestigious Portuguese winery has chosen to acquire a PSC 80 pneumatic press with closed tank by VLS Technologies, in order to ensure a soft pressing, keeping the original characteristics of Vinho Verde intact

VLS Technologies established a new and significant partnership with a prestigious winery of the Vinho Verde area, in the historical Minho region located in the northern part of Portugal. The Portuguese winery acquired a PSC 80 press by VLS Technologies, to be used during the phase of Vinho Verde pressing. This is a slightly sparkling “young wine”, being red, white or rosé, that should be drunk while it is still young, within one year of bottling.

Vinho Verde is very different from the renowned Port Wine, for which different innovative technologies provided by VLS – such as presses and Lees Stop filters – are employed. In both cases, the aim is that of preserving the organoleptic properties of products.

The PSC 80 press by VLS Technologies

In order to obtain a high-quality wine, grapes should be gentle pressed to extract only 60 – 65% of the must, avoiding the extraction of substances from peels or pomace, such as polyphenols, oxidising enzymes or tannins. The purpose is that of keeping the original characteristics of grapes intact.

Thanks to the polyester electric panel reinforced with glass, the 18-program PLC and the touch screen display of the PSC 80 press – a 80 hl pneumatic press with closed tank – Portuguese winemakers can handle all the Vinho Verde pressing phases, either automatically or manually. In this way, they are able to calibrate the progressive pressing of grapes and to ensure a high-quality wine production.

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