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Lees stop TLS Cross-Flow Filter

TLS solutions
for wine lees

Cross-flow filtration wins over traditional!

Traditional filtration

  • The product to be filtered meets the porous sector at right angles: solids are retained, the clean product goes through
  • The duration of the filtering cycle depends on the capability of the filter to accumulate solids and aids (D.E. filters and press filters) or to keep the precoat (rotatory drum vacuum filters)
  • Need of filtering aids (diatomaceous earth, perlite…)

Cross-flow filtration

  • The product to be filtered flows parallel to the porous membrane at such a speed which carries the solids in suspension
  • The filtrate permeates through the membrane thanks to the delta of pressure between the two sides of the membrane
  • No need of filtering aids

TLS features

TLS Filter enables to free users from the use of rotary drum vacuum filters and offers an automatic, economical filtration without using kieselguhr.

  • Filtered product brilliant and clear (<1 NTU): it can be added into the filtered batch, without any additional treatment
  • Recovery higher than rotary drum vacuum filters
    Better filtered product: analytic parameters are maintained and wine is in a “prebottling” quality
  • Minimal presence of the operator, thank to machinery remote control

VLS TLS membranes are specific for the treatment of lees and must

  • Modular system from 2 to 12 membranes (16 m2 each of filtering surface)
  • Stainless steel membranes with a selectivity adapted to very clogging products
  • Long lasting, resistant to pressure/temperature/chemical products, reliability, capacity of regeneration of the membranes
  • Steam-sterilisable machinery
  • Operating process made easier: automatic filter, reduced monitoring

Efficient filtration

  • More consistent removal of solids from filterable area: longer, more productive filter cycles
  • Wine quality/quantity higher than traditional filtration
  • Residues still containing alcohol can be valorised in a distillery

Areas of application

Sweet lees from continuous or discontinuous flotation, static sedimentation

Post fermentation lees and fermented lees post clarification

Wines and musts with high contents in solids, wine

Spirits (Atex execution)

Fruit-juice concentrates and sugar solutions (sugar syrups, glucose, etc.)

Hard products with high concentrations of filtering aids (bentonite, gelatine and charcoal)

The result guaranteed by TLS

Concentration up to 85%
Outgoing product at 1 NTU

Industry 4.0

Fully automated machine in all work phases (technology 4.0), suitable for super-amortisation

Return on investment in less than 3 years, considering savings (filtration aids, labor) and product quality

Our customers

VLS TLS filters have been used by wineries (and beverage producers) in several countries around the world. Discover the projects of these and other customers by requesting the complete information pack!

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