A 440hl pneumatic press by VLS Technologies has been delivered in Hungary

As regards the oenological and brewery markets, East Europe is an area that is growing from all the points of view. Production is reacting to this growing interest, both in quality and quantity, and with respect to technologies applied.

One of the latest technologies that came out from VLS Technologies’ production facilities is a pneumatic press with 440 hL capacity destined to a noteworthy Hungarian wine-making company.

It is not the first time that VLS Technologies delivers its machines in Hungary: among the most recent, a 10 m2 rotary vacuum filter for SOP-VIN KFT and some kieselguhr FOB filters for NICRON. In addition the assistance to Zsombos Drink Kft through the supplying of a complete series of membranes for cross-flow filtration.

Thanks to its innovation, once more VLS Technologies support the fast-growing production areas.

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