A 100 hl press, to enter the Bolivian market of Singani

Our technologies for Casa Real, a company in the high-quality band.

Earlier this year, even the Washington Post featured an article entitled “The absolutely delicious Bolivian spirit all drinkers need to know”: it’s Singani, a distillate made from the wine production of certain parts of Bolivia. What makes it special is the combination of product, zone and method.

To be classified a “Singani”, the distillate must be made from a Moscato d’Alessandria grown only in certain limited areas of the Bolivian Andes, at high altitudes. The product also must be distilled at high altitude so that the boiling point is lower, thus allowing more of the aromas to be retained.

Our local distributor “Velo Argentina” supplied the renowned local company Casa Real (www.casa-real.com) with a 100 hl press, a milestone for VLS Technologies which, in addition to exporting to a new country, has struck up a partnership with a producer of a niche distillate which bodes well – given the interest it is arousing – for more attention from the media and demand from the public.