Designing and supplying of processing systems for oenology

Historically speaking, the oenological sector has always been our target. For that reason, VLS Technologies is able to design and supply the solution for the entire line, from vineyard to bottle.

For oenology, VLS is more than just a simple supplier of technologies. We are a partner that is able to provide a tailored solution to its customers.

In this field, VLS Technologies strenghts are:

• Over 60 years of experience in the oenology sector

• Quickness and flexibility supported by an extensive network of technological partners

• The guarantee of post-sales assistance and spare parts management for all applications

The main filters for wine

The core business of VLS Technologies is developing technological solutions for liquid filtration. This is our area of expertise. We can provide bespoke filtration solutions according to each customers’ individual needs.

Filter Unico

Lees Stop

Cross-flow filter

Altre tecnologie per l’enologia

Scraped surface refrigerator

Versions: RCR-10000 / RCR-15000 / RCR-20000 / RCR-30000 / RCR-40000 / RCR-60000 / RCR-80000 / RCR-120000

Pneumatic press

Versions: PSC 10 / PSC 15 / PSC 22 / PSC 30 / PSC 50 / PSC 80 / PSC 100 / PSC 150 / PSC 250 / PSC 320 / PSC 440

Pressurization unit batch cycle

Versions: PFB100 / PFB300

Tube in tube heat exchanger

Versions: STT40 / STT60 / STT52 / STT76 / STT70 / STT101 / STT101  / STT139 / STT129 / STT168

Combined destemmer-crusher

Versions: DPC 150 – DPC 300 – DPC 500

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