Our technologies for the spirits market: excellences compared

VLS Technologies is not just for the wine industry, breweries and juice producers. We also target the spirits market with our ASME and ATEX certified pressure filters and refrigeration systems.

The turn-key consulting and supply of VLS Technologies starts from listening to individual needs, and continues through the setting up of customized technological solutions, installation and after-sales service.

An example is the provision of technology for making Peruvian rum. Peru has one of the world’s best climate and soil conditions for cultivating sugar cane. So its Rum is up there too, among the world’s best-quality and sought-after products, with many Peruvian Rums being awarded international accolades. VLS Technologies has developed innovative, high-performance solutions such as Rum stabilizing systems for some interesting local producers which have become partnerships that create excellent products.

Another success story is the ASME certified pressure filter, which VLS Technologies supplied to Bacardi Caribbean. The project was carried out by the VLS technical team along with the local distributor, and we worked together to meet the needs of this historical and world renowned client.

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