VLS Technologies’ partnership with Praj to serve the wine-making market in India

As regards the oenological market, India is a country that is growing from all the points of view. Wine consumption is increasing at a rate of +15% per year. As a consequence, internal production is reacting to this growing interest, both in quality and quantity, and with respect to technologies applied in the wine-making process.

In India there are two main areas devoted to the production of wine: Nashik in Maharashtra Country, and Nandi Hills in Kamataka. Nashik area alone produces the 80% of Indian wine, and hosts almost one half of the wineries operating in India. Production-per-year is about 25 millions liters nowadays.

Following meetings and a tour at our production facilities, Praj Industries Ltd. (www.praj.net), a company that has been operating globally in the sectors of bio-energies and plants for more than 30 years with its branch offices in India, USA, South Africa and Thailand, has signed a partnership with VLS Technologies identifying our brand with the full focus on clients’ satisfaction and the ability to develop each project from concept to the full operation and maintenance stages.

Thanks to this partnership, VLS Technologies is going to bring to India its solutions for the oenological process, from receivng to filtration, with a strong focus on the most innovative technologies already used by