Our filters for beer have conquered North European breweries

Harboe and Heathers Ales by Williams Bros. Brewing Co. rely on VLS Technologies’ pressure leaf filters for beer.

The market of beer

VLS Technologies has signed two new remarkable partnerships with the breweries Harboe and Heather Ales, a micro-brewery that is part of Williams Bros. Brewing Co. Group. Both producers decided to choose VLS Technologies’ filters for beer for the treatment of their products. The Danish company Harboe, which produces and trades malt-based beverages, is a fifth-generation company with its production plants in three countries and trading activities in more than 90 markets worldwide. The Scottish Group Williams Bros. Brewing Co., considered one of the most eclectic and prolific breweries in Scotland, has been founded in 1988 and is a family business that produces ales with a unique flavor, thanks to the raw materials coming from the Scottish territories.

Also in Italy, during recent years the interest in the production and trading of beer has increased, and above all in the craft beer market. The latest researches performed by  www.microbirrifici.org highlight the constant growth of the Italian beer market for a total of 1.074 active companies and  743 production plants in 2016. This is a positive result for Italian economy with 3.000 employees that go up to 5.000 considering the satellite activities. Coldiretti confirms the increase in the export of Italian craft beers with a growth of 144% during the last ten years thanks to a wide range of products, with some innovative beers really appreciated abroad.

The filters for beer supplied by VLS Technologies

VLS Technologies has delivered to Harboe a vertical FVV-35-BVA pressure leaf filter for beer and to Heather Ales, part of Williams Bros. Brewing Co. Group an horizontal FOC-10-BVA pressure leaf filter. Both filtration systems are compact monobloc units made of stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316) and are designed for the filtration of food liquids through the usage of  kieselguhr. The liquid flows starting from a measuring device and from the feeding pumps to the filtering chamber where the main filtering process takes places thanks to kieselguhr and filtering sheets, vertical for the FVV range and horizontal for the FOC series.

By Harboe the filter is used for the filtration of beer and a malt-based sugary solution. The FVV range goes from 5 to 75 sq.m of filtering surface but VLS Technologies can produce filters for beer and food liquids with a different size according to the requirements of the client. Also the horizontal pressure leaf filters purchased by Heather Ales is available in a number of sizes, customizable on request, and the standard range goes from 5 to 35 sq.m of filtering surface.

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