Enomaq 2017 in Zaragoza: we tell you how it was

VLS Technologies participated with its Spanish distributor Velo Maquinaria in Enomaq, one of the most important international expos of technologies and equipment for winemaking, held in Zaragoza – Spain from 14th to 17th February 2017.

We showcased the following range of technologies for oenology:

– CROSS-FLOW FILTER: cross-flow filtration offers clarity and microbiological stability in just one operation, thereby eliminating fossil powders and the problems connected with their disposal. The results achieved are mainly due to the special capillary polyethersulphone membrane having internal diameter of 1.5 mm. In Zaragoza we showcased the semi-automatic TMF-3-SA filter, available also in the automatic version. These technologies can be extended adding more modules to the same machine;

– PRESSURE LEAF FILTER: a horizontally pivoted pressure leaf filter, a traditional technology for the filtration of liquids. Our range of pressure leaf filters is subdivided into two groups: horizontally pivoted filters (FOB-2, FOB-3, FOB-4 e FOB-5) and horizontal filters with centrifugal drain (FOC-5, FOC-8, FOC-10, FOC-15 e FOC-20) both available also for beer filtration;

– SCRAPED-SURFACE HEAT EXCHANGER: this technology is used to stabilize the product through thermal treatment, before proceeding in the treatment process or before storing the product. Our range includes vertical (RCR-10, RCR-15, RCR-20 e RCR-30) and horizontal (RCR-40 e RCR-60) heat exchangers. All those technologies are available in completely automatic sets, and in some cases can be designed to recover the requested temperature to the product in output.

– OSMOSIS: this technology is based on membranes as in cross-flow filtration, but with a different structure and grade of filtration. Where, with cross-flow filtration, we realize the “microfiltration” (2-0,1 µm) with this technology we can proceed with “ultrafiltration” (0,1-0,005 µm), “nanofiltration” (0,005-0,0005 µm) and osmosis (0,0005-0,0001 µm). For this reasons, those technologies are used to remove small imperfections, alcohol or colour. An innovative solution for filtration that we have tested with a lot of different products, obtaining the best results in the market. A new way of filtering based on the same approach of cross-flow filtration.