Drinktec 2017: VLS Technologies awarded innovation prize

Huge success for the solutions for food liquid filtration by VLS Technologies at Drinktec 2017: the Unico technology receives the  New Technology Simei 2017 award

Not only Unico and Lees-Stop, but also the cross-flow filters with polymeric membranes (TMF) and Pluma filter by VLS Technologies have received a great attention at Drinktec 2017, the leading global trade fair in beverage & liquid food markets that took place in Munich at Messe München from 11th to 15th September 2017. Drinktec was a great occasion to create new relationships with producers coming from Asia (Japan, China and South Korea) and South America (Mexico, Argentina. Brazil and Chile) interested in the solutions for the filtration of food liquids proposed by VLS Technologies.

The presentations of Unico and Lees-Stop

VLS Technologies organized two product presentations at Drinktec 2017. Domenico Dalle Fratte, VLS Technologies’ Area Manager, presented Unico filter and Lees-Stop system calling for the participation and interest of a great number of  operators in the sector, attracted by the innovation featured by those products. The all-in-one filtration system Unico has proved the ideal solution of filtration for medium and small producers.

Differently from the other technologies available on the market, Unico filter can treat at the same time lees and musts filtering them perfectly in a single step, and this innovation was awarded with “New Technology SIMEI 2017” award. On the other side, Lees-Stop is the automatic cross-flow filter for the filtration of products with a high content in solids that enables to avoid the usage of vacuum rotary filers and kieselguhr, giving a product of better quality, clean and brilliant.

Unico received the “New Technology SIMEI 2017” award

With the all-in-one filtration system Unico VLS Technologies received the “New Technology SIMEI 2017” award. The award created by Unione Italiana Vini has been assigned on Tuesday 12th September during SIMEI – Salone Internazionale delle Macchine per Enologia e Imbottigliamento -, the most important international trade fair devoted to technologies for wine that took place in partnership with Drinktec 2017.

SIMEI through this Award has decided to testify for the innovation of Unico technology, the multi-graded cross-flow all-in-one filtration system for heterogeneous mixtures of different food matrixes. Unico represents VLS Technologies’ approach based on the constant research for the best solutions to the clients’ needs, medium and small producers in this case, that thanks to Unico can filter lees and musts in a single step with a final result of the best quality.

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