The VLS cross-flow filters for the South African market

Vls and Botha Kelder Wine Cellar: a partnership for a new solution for the filtration of lees

Botha Kelder, founded in 1949, is one of the main wineries in South Africa, processing about 40,000 tons of grapes a year.

Always voted for a quality wine production and several times awarded for its Pinotage, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot at the main international competitions (, it is also characterized by a constant search for technological solutions in step with the times to be implemented in its process.

Botha Kelder has chosen VLS Technologies for the installation of a cross-flow filter with stainless membranes for the treatment of flotation lees and tank bottoms, with the aim of obtaining all the numerous advantages connected to the overcoming of the traditional filtration through use of a rotary vacuum filter.

From this it follows the elimination of costs related to filtration aids and those related to the labor required to  prepare the filter for production and inspection during the process; to this is added also the possibility of working automatically 24 hours a day.

The TLS 6 A filter exploits the now reliable cross-flow technology, adding the use of 6 membranes in stainless steel  AISI316L instead of organic or ceramic material; in this way it ensures the reliability deriving from the resistance of this material from the mechanical, thermal and chemical point of view.

The filter has also been equipped with remote control from the smartphone or laptop that allows to command and control it even if it is not physically in place; further customizations were made as per the philosophy of our company, always dedicated to listening to the specific needs of the customer and identifying the solution that can satisfy them.


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