Designing and supplying processing systems for breweries

Along with the traditional wine sector, VLS is supporting the brewery sector by offering high quality products, expecially to small and medium-sized breweries.

Among the most popular VLS products there are fossil flour filters, sheet filters, plates filters and pasteurizers.

Particularly appreciated is the PLUMA filter, an exclusive solution designed and realized by VLS Technologies which combines utmost ease of use with the preservation of the beer’s flavour and structure, a key factor for high-quality beers.

Available technologies

Filtro a farina verticale

D.E. Filter with vertical screens automatic discharge

Versions: FVV-5 / FVV-7,5 / FVV-10 / FVV-15 / FVV-20 / FVV-35 / FVV-50

D.E. Filter with horizontal screens and manual discharge

Versions: 2-3-4-5mq

Filtro a farina orizzontale FOC

D.E. Filter with horizontal screens and centrifugal discharge

Versions: 5-8-10-15-20-30-40mq

Sheet filter standard/inox

Versions: 20X20 / 40X40 / 60X60 / 100X100

Pluma Filter

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